Butterfly Staxx Slot Review


Butterfly Staxx Slot Review

96.80% RTP

Great graphics

Developed by NetEnt


Could feature longer animations

It is completely fair to say that NetEnt has produced some of the best and most popular online slots over the years. NetEnt games are rightfully considered to be cream of the cream in the online gaming industry. 

In the summer of 2017, NetEnt released a remarkable game that quickly rose to prominence and became one of the most played online slots – Butterfly Staxx slot. Although the word butterfly is used in a range of contexts and phrases, in this case, it does refer to actual butterflies. In Butterfly Staxx slots, you will see a lot of butterflies and butterfly-related symbols.

Butterfly Staxx Overview

If you have ever played a game by NetEnt, you will know exactly what we’re talking about when we say that this game has smooth and refined graphics. It really looks aesthetically, and all symbols and other graphic elements are designed neatly and are in full accordance with the style and the theme of the game.

Another thing NetEnt games are known for is the music and the sound effects which are used and can be heard throughout the game. The music is smooth, the audio has a rather high-quality, while the soundtrack really elevates the game to a new level.

The control panel is standard, somewhat modernised compared to earlier NetEnt slots. The game has five reels and four rows, so it is slightly different from most other NetEnt slots which usually feature five reels and three rows.

How To Play Butterfly Staxx Slot

Butterfly Staxx slot is a simple game, and if you are familiar with NetEnt and how their slots usually work, you will have no problem learning how to play this one. In fact, even if it is the first NetEnt slot that you get to play, you will still have no problems adjusting to Butterfly Staxx.

The game has 40 paylines, but it can be played with just 20 coins. You are free to adjust the coin value and the bet level as you please. The minimum stake is just 20p per spin, which means that for five spins you will need to wager just one pound. If you increase the coin value from 1p to 2p, the stake will be increased to 40p. The maximum coin value is £2.

If you set all values to the maximum, you will be wagering £400 per spin. This is a very high amount of money for a single spin, but there are plenty of options in between, so you can set your stake based on your bankroll.

Should you wish to wager the maximum available amount of money, you can just click the max bet button and the stake will automatically be increased to £400. If you use the Autoplay button you can set the reels to spin up to 1,000 times, and if you open the advanced settings control panel you can choose a range of different options regarding the autoplay and when the reels should stop spinning.

If you wish to play Butterfly Staxx slots in silence, you will just need to click the small sound icon, and the sound will be toggled off.

How To Win Butterfly Staxx Slot

You will need at least three symbols across any of the 40 paylines in Butterfly Staxx for a win. There’s no option to alter the number of active paylines, so the game is always played across all paylines. A payout can only be triggered if the symbols are arranged from the leftmost towards the rightmost reel.

Butterfly Staxx slot features four standard card symbols – J, Q, K and A which are of lower value and four theme symbols, including three flowers and a butterfly. The butterfly is the only symbol that offers a payout for just two instances on adjacent positions on an active payline.

The minimum payout in Butterfly Staxx is five coins, and you will get five coins for three same card symbols across a payline. Four card symbols pay ten coins, whereas five will award you 20 coins. The flowers pay slightly more and here the payouts are ten, 20 and 40 coins for three, four and five symbols, respectively.

The butterfly pays the highest amount of coins – you will get two coins for two symbols, but as many as 15 for three symbols and 30 for four. If you get five butterflies you will receive 60 coins.

In addition to standard symbols, there’s also a scatter and a wild symbol.  The wild can substitute any symbols on the reels, except for the scatter.

Butterfly Staxx Bonus Features

Butterfly Staxx slot has two bonus features, and both involve free spins – Re-Spins and Butterfly Spins.


If you get butterfly symbols across a full reel, the Re-Spins bonus will be activated. In this bonus game, all butterfly symbols will fly to the leftmost position in their respective row, provided that the leftmost position isn’t already occupied by a butterfly. During the Butterfly Staxx re-spins bonus feature, all additional butterfly symbols that appear will fly towards the leftmost reel and the bonus game ends when there are no longer any butterflies on the reels.

Butterfly Spins

The scatter symbol activates this bonus and you will need at least three scatters, located anywhere on the reels, regardless of the exact position. With three scatters you will get to play five spins, whereas with four scatters you will be awarded six spins. Finally, if you are fortunate enough to get seven scatters you will be playing seven free spins.

During this bonus game, cocoon symbols will be appearing on the reels, and these cocoons can be dormant or active. The active ones turn into butterflies and then all butterfly symbols fly towards the leftmost reel. In the end, all bonus wins are added together and awarded to you.

What Does RTP Stand For?

The theoretical percentage of all wins over stakes played is called ‘Return to Player’ or simply RTP. This percentage is an average calculated for a number of played games and not for each play of a slot. So, in short, the higher the RTP percentage of an online slot, the better! The number of slot reels and its RTP percentage is totally unrelated and this is supported by the fact that the highest Return to Player percentages is sometimes offered by online slots of only three reels.

To find out the RTP rate of Butterfly Staxx and whether it lists the game as an above or below average online slot, read on!

What Slots Should I Play?

Regardless of whether they are in for the excitement of the gameplay or for the money, all slots players should try and make a habit of choosing to play video slots that advertise average or above-average RTPs. A video slot with an RTP rate of 96% or over is considered an average or above-average RTP game, respectively. Slot games with RTPs below 96% will just get you shorter playing sessions and faster depletion of money over time.

The highest RTP percentages of any online slot are not given by default and you need to set the video slot in a certain way to get the highest value. To get the highest possible Return to Player rate of any slot, you need to play with the maximum number of active paylines and total bet to have better chances of receiving higher payouts. Most online slots are designed to award the highest RTP rates only when players decide to play with all active paylines and Butterfly Staxx slot is no exception.

Butterfly Staxx RTP

All things considered, Butterfly Staxx slot RTP definitely falls in the group of above the average RTP of online slots. The game’s RTP combined with the additional bonus features, and its excellent design makes this online slot an excellent choice for all kinds of players. Butterfly Staxx RTP is an excellent percentage of about 96.8% which lists the game as an above-average RTP online slot.

Butterfly Staxx Demo

The demo version of this online slot has all of the features, including the butterfly re-spins and the Butterfly Staxx Free Spins mode, except, the winning combinations don’t end up in you getting cash in your casino account. Being a Net Entertainment game, Butterfly Staxx demo comes with all the excitement and the gambling entertainment that comes with their best-known games, like Starburst. This is good entertainment on its own, but it doesn’t compare to the thrill of getting into the reel action and playing the game for real money.

Our Butterfly Staxx Review

Butterfly Staxx is one of NetEnt’s most popular and most played games, and that alone is a testament of its quality and a reason for you to try it out at one of the bingo sites with Butterfly Staxx. The game RTP is 96.80% which is more than alright, especially compared to most other slot titles.

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