Big Money Slingo Free Play

Big Money Slingo Free Play

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Find out how to get Big Money Slingo free play when you claim a welcome bonus at one of the slots and bingo sites. 

Slingo Overview

Many of the slots and bingo sites have been adding the latest Slingo additions to their roster of slots. The game has become popular just in recent times, even though it was invented more than two decades ago. So what happened to Slingo? Why such an incredible rise to prominence? The answer is simple: online bingo has become very popular in recent years, while slots have been popular in the decades preceding the online slots era, and because, Slingo is a combination of slots and bingo. And there is the answer. Big Money Slingo free play is the way to when trying this or other slingo games, beacuse it doesn't hurt to play for free when you can, so here are ways how to do that. 

How to Play Big Money Slingo

This is one of the best varieties of slingo. This is not a moot overstatement, considering how all slingo games are more or less the same. The difference in the Big Money Slingo is in the availability of different "rooms". Each of the four rooms has its own theme and jackpot prize, as well as a buy-in price. In that regard Big Money Slingo is different, however, the Big Money free play mode is the same as in all the other. You can land free spins during a game of slingo or you can claim a bonus package that has free play. 

Big Money Slingo Free Spins and Jokers

But more on that topic in a bit. To play the game select your deposit. One deposit buys you eleven spins. The objective of the game is to clear or mark all of the fields on the five by five grid, which amounts to claiming the full house prize - a hefty amount. The bottom-most row is the reel set which spins different numbers. This is the slots element to the Slingo game. The numbers are then applied on the grid, if they match, while the jokers substitute for those fields that are outlined. Slingo has blockers too, which when appearing on the reels simply remove one potential number from the five that appear on the reel. This is balanced by the Big Money Slingo Free Play that comes in the shape of a free spins token. 

Big Money Slingo Free Play

To play Big Money for free all you need to do is claim a welcome bonus with one of the casinos, slots sites and bingo sites on this page. If the welcome bonus includes Big Money Slingo as part of the offer, then you have gotten yourself free play for the game. If not, then make a deposit, enjoy the game and anticipate bonuses and rewards that arrive in your player’s console often. Another thing that counts as Big Money Slingo free play are the free spins. These are technically free play for this game, and they come in the form of tokens that let you take another spin of the slingo bowl cost-free. 

To play Big Money Slingo claim a welcome bonus at one of our slots or bingo sites and enjoy this and other versions of the awesome slingo game. 

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