Big Money Slingo Review

Big Money Slingo Review

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Big Money Slingo Review Slot Game

Big Money Slingo is a hybrid between bingo and slots and is a perfect fit for fans of both games. Developed by Pariplay, this innovative game offers great winning possibilities, with maximum payout up to £100,000. The game is a great crossover that provides a totally new and exciting gaming experience for both new and “old-school” players.

Big Money Slingo Overview

Online casinos are always evolving and developers need to keep track with those trends. This is a very innovative game in which players are provided with an unique gaming experience. That is the case with Big Money Slingo by offering a combination between the game of bingo and online slots.


The game is medieval-themed, and the background consists of a castle with a tower and a guard watching over the kingdom. There are six different locations in the kingdom which represent the six bet amounts from which the player needs to select one.

The logo of Big Money Slingo is in the upper left corner, while on the opposite corner there is the joker who holds the thrilling maximum payout price.


Once the player selects the bet amount he wants to place, he is taken to the actual game with the bingo ticket placed on the centre of the screen.


The key to win this game is to match the numbers on the reels with the numbers on the grid, thereby completing a win line will get the player a SLINGO. Slingo means prizes. Every player gets six goes a game, plus up to three free spins.

How To Play Big Money Slingo

This game is very user-friendly and straightforward. Everything the player has to do is select the bet he wants to place and start spinning. By doing this the player practically selects his lucky location based on the six bet amounts he can choose from. These locations include Jokers Hamlet, Golden Fields, Royal Forest, Smugglers Cove, Diamond Peak and Lucky Gulch. The bet amounts related to the six locations are 50p, £1, £2, £3, £5 and the maximum £10. Upon selecting the lucky location, the amount of the stake gets deducted from the current balance and the game starts.


Having this in mind, Big Money suits most players’ budget almost perfectly. As stated before, the minimum bet amount begins at 50p and can rise as high as £10 per play. The amount a player wagers during each round directly affects the top prize. So, the only way the player can win the big jackpot of £100,000 is by wagering £10 per play.


Stake levels :





Then, the player is taken to the desired location with the corresponding background, with the bingo ticket on the centre of the screen. On the top and left of the bingo ticket, the player can see potential winning amounts, and on the right, the player can see the bingo balls and the “Start Game” button. The logo of the game is on the top right corner of the screen.


Upon pressing the “Start Game” button, a random number of jokers appear on the bingo ticket and the boxes below the ticket display numbers for the current spin.


The player gets six spins per game and can land up to three free spins per game. The goal is to fill a vertical, horizontal or a diagonal line on the ticket in order to win the amount shown on the top of the bingo ticket. He can choose whether to play the game again at the same stake by simply pressing on the “Play” button, or select a new location with a different bet.

How To Win Big Money Slingo Slots
Wins in Big Money Slingo are achieved by filling either a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. The player wins the amount displayed on top of the respective lines. As stated before, the winning amounts depend on the selected location i.e the placed stake per spin.

Big Money Slingo Bonus Features

Joker Wild

The wild symbol in this game is the joker. This symbol helps the player to complete a line and get the payout for the respected line. The player can land up to four Joker Symbols on the slingo ticket

Free Spins
This is the second feature in this game, and it is practically a feature from online slots. Depending on the bet for the game the player gets six spins to fill a winning line. The maximum number of free spens a player can have in Big Money is three which are awarded randomly on any of the regular spins.

Big Money Slingo RTP

With an RTP of only 87.27%, this game is not among the highest paying games online, but it’s innovative combination of bingo and slots is definitely worth a try, since it offers an excellent and thrilling gaming experience for its players. Although its RTP percentage of 87.27% is below the average, the game in general is exciting and thrilling. Detailed information about the RTP percentage of the game is available by opening the game’s PAYTABLE option, or at the casino website.

Big Money Slingo Overview

Big Money Slingo is definitely one of the most innovative games available online. Developed by Pariplay, the creators have brought out a mix of online slots


Big Money Slingo is definitely one of the most innovative game online. Developed by Pariplay, the intent of the developers was to deliver a combination of bingo and online slots thereby providing a thrilling experience for every player. The bonus features, especially the Joker Wild and the free spins are an addition to the general game experience. The maximum jackpot here is staggering £100,000 if the player manages to fill the line that has the prize displayed. The RTP on the other hand, is not the biggest out there, but nevertheless, this game offers players an unusual gaming experience.

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