Aliens Free Spins

Aliens Free Spins

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Aliens is not just another slot game, it is a highly entertaining one, branded and based on of the most iconic films of the 1980s, if not of all times, and it features a pretty high RTP percentage, all the necessary requirements for a good, solid slot game. And Aliens is exactly that, a good online slot. If you want to know more about this enticing slot, check our Aliens slot review. Even though there are no Aliens free spins in the strict sense of the word, the game still features amazing bonus games and you will definitely enjoy the gameplay, especially if you manage to activate the bonus.

Aliens Bonus Game

In addition to the symbols from the movie, the game itself is quite vivid and entertaining, you will see multipliers, reactivated spins, wilds and a lot more. The goal just like in the film is to reach the Queen Hive and if you manage to do so, you can expect some quite rewarding bonuses.
The bonus is divided into levels, just like it is a video game. The game developers certainly could’ve introduced more standard Aliens free spins, but that is something we have all seen and it would have been as interesting.

First Level

The bonus game starts on level one, also known as The Search. The aim here is to discover alien activity in premises that are considered to be contaminated. On this level you also gather specific symbols which come with a multiplier bonus and the more symbols you collect the faster your Alien Activity Meter will fill up. You will need to collect the right number of symbols to progress to the second level of the bonus game, also known as The Encounter.

Second Level

The next level is The Encounter, and once you’ve reached it you can be certain that you’re one step closer to the Queen Hive. Here you will get an overlay symbol which guarantees a win in the first spin of this bonus level. The aim in this level is to survive the attacks, because only that way you can be able to reach the hive. All symbols that have been gathered in the previous level are moved to this level and the wins are multiplied. Your winnings can be multiplied by 6 in this Aliens bonus game.
The ammunition symbols that appear on this level can activate Aliens free spins, as long as you get the ammo clip to appear in central position, on the middle reel.

Third Level

The third level, aka The Hive begins with five Aliens free spins. Here you will finally get to meet the Queen but destroying her isn’t that easy. You will need to complete various steps in order to diminish the Hive’s health and there’s a meter that will help you track this. Once you destroy the Hive you will get a prize worth 240 times your original stake. 

Concluding Remarks

As you can see, even though there isn’t a standard Aliens free spins bonus feature, this slot offers a quite amazing three-level bonus game, where you can win some pretty neat prizes. The RTP is quite high at 96.40%.


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