Daub Alderney is probably not as popular gaming software brand in the online bingo world as the brands like Cassava or Gamesys, but it still provides quality bingo games and services. Here at Bingo Scanner, we aim to provide the bingo players with the most popular, trustworthy, and entertaining bingo games. For that reason, we pay close attention to a lot of different bingo brands and companies and strive to find the best games for you. 

About Daub Alderney

Daub Alderney is a gambling software company that owns and manages a couple of popular bingo websites as well as some casino brands. Founded in 2008 in Alderney of the Channel Islands, the company was developed by gaming veterans that succeeded to launch several popular bingo sites. Ten years later, Daub Alderney still manages to be a licensed and regulated software company in the world of online bingo.

In total, Daub Alderney owns 8 bingo brands and each bingo site is always kept to the best and latest standards. All of the Daub bingo games together with their offers and features are always up to date. The Daub Alderney bingo games are compatible with all mobile devices, laptops, and tablets, making their sites 24/7 available for every player.

Almost all of the Daub Alderney bingo sites are colourful and bright and give players a feeling of playing bingo in real life, as well as great user-interface and a real sense of fun. Moreover, the company appreciates customers’ feedback and their team is constantly working on offering the best customer services.

Daub Alderney has such an interesting history, unlike any other online bingo provider. Firstly, the company was called Daub Gaming when it was found in 2008, and they owned some amazing online casinos with their own Daub software. The casinos were so successful that in 2010, 888 Holdings bought them. 

After that, the company disappeared from the online bingo world until 2012, when they returned back to the market with a new name - Daub Alderney. The renewed company came back with a range of casinos and bingo games from other developers. The comeback of the Daub company was announced in 2012 with the collaboration with the Stride Gaming Company, and they offered great online bingo, slots, and casino sites.

Daub Alderney Bingo Sites

As we’ve already mentioned, the number of bingo sites running on the Daub Alderney software is limited and each site is continuously given full attention and care by the company. Daub Alderney bingo sites are easy to use, have amazing design, and we can definitely say that the branding is strong on all of their bingo sites. 

With names like Lucky Pants Bingo or Kitty Bingo of the Daub bingo sites, it’s obvious that they will offer a lot of fun when playing. Users can enjoy playing games on the Daub Alderney bingo sites without any worries. Here, you’ll find the whole package of a platform for online bingo games. Furthermore, you’re going to meet a lot of people who share the same passion for bingo games with you.

If you’re interested in playing bingo on some of the best Daub Alderney bingo sites, feel free to check the following sites that we deeply reviewed and chose for you.

Daub Online Bingo Games

Despite the fact that Daub Alderney bingo software is of outstanding quality, the choice of bingo games is quite basic. However, that doesn’t make them less popular than the other bingo games, since they’re still fun to play and offer great bonuses.

Here are the types of Daub Online bingo games available on the Daub network:

  • 75-ball bingo
  • 90-ball bingo
  • 5 line bingo/Swedish bingo
  • Speed bingo games

The Daub Alderney network offers amazing classic bingo games that have a great bingo feel and are also good value for money. In addition, these sites always offer free bingo during the week and ticket prices that start at just one penny. The Daub network also allows players to join their community and to chat during the bingo games.

On this page, you can find some of the greatest Daub online bingo games available for you to play. Check them out and don’t forget to read their terms and conditions before playing!

Daub Casino and Slots Sites

Apart from the Daub Alderney bingo sites, the company offers casino and slots sites as well. These games belong to the five-reel slot games and offer various themes and bonus features. Most of the games offer 25 paylines with different symbols, free spins, and special bonus games.

When it comes to appearance, none of these games looks extraordinary and won’t impress you that much. However, if you’re looking for some simple and easy casino or slot game, you can go through these Daub Alderney sites to see if there’s something for your taste. Daub casino and slots sites are proper, safe, secure, and easy to use.

All things considered, Daub Alderney is not much-known name between the bingo players, but they have proven that they have what it takes to be successful in the online bingo world. For that reason, we can say that their games are worth trying and playing, so if you agree with us, look over the mentioned Daub online bingo, casino or slots sites and tell us what you think!