RedBus Bingo Promo Code

RedBus Bingo Promo Code

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With its unique design and the recognisable red bus mascot, RedBus Bingo is one of the most renowned UK bingo sites. RedBus Bingo is the equivalent of the London double-decker in the world of online bingo. There isn’t a single experienced online bingo player who doesn’t recognise RedBus Bingo. There is continuous search for the RedBus Bingo promo code and that’s hardly surprising, considering that new players get to start their bingo journey at RedBus Bingo with £35, even though their initial deposit is only £10. If you want to know in detail about RedBus Bingo, read our full review.


Welcome Bonus – No RedBus Bingo Promo Code Needed

The maximum bonus that you can receive at RedBus Bingo when you register a new account is £250, and the bonus percentage is 250%, which means that if you deposit £100, you will be awarded £250 in bonuses. The best part about this bonus is that there’s no RedBus Bingo promo code, you just need to register, then make a deposit and you will receive the bonus automatically, no additional hassle. The amount is added to the bonus bankroll, which means that it can be used to buy additional bingo cards, but it cannot be withdrawn immediately.

The bonus wagering requirement is two times the deposit amount plus the total bingo amount and after this requirement is met, you can withdraw your money. The minimum withdrawal amount at RedBus Bingo is £10.


Free Games for New Players

And it’s not just the Welcome bonus, there are plenty of other promotions. For example, new players get to play a number of games for free, there are no requirements no need to use a RedBus Bingo promo code, just head to the bingo room where the free games take place, have fun and you might even win some prizes.

The New Passengers game takes place every hour. Here you can win up to £300, plus additional £5, £2 and £1 bonuses. You should note that this room will be open to you only for three days, so try making the best out of your first three days at RedBus Bingo.

At the Free 10 Min Stop you can play 90-ball bingo ever day on three occasions starting at 8am, 12pm and 6pm. The prizes are little £1 or £2, but a jackpot is awarded once in every ten minutes. Tenner Every 30 is another great free 90-ball bingo game where you can win a £10 jackpot which is awarded twice during an hour.


Free Games for Regular Depositors

It’s not just new players who are entitled to prizes. Everybody who has deposited during the previous week can participate in the Monday £1,000 Stop game where you can win £300 for a full house. Every player gets six tickets, so the chances are fair and equal for everybody.

Sundays are also great days for all players who have made a deposit in the previous week, as the game named simply £250 takes place on Sundays. This is another 90-ball bingo game and it is held at 9pm.  



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