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Introducing Posh Bingo

Posh Bingo is all about the poshest bingo rounds with posh friends from allover the UK, as well as posh slots machines. This bingo site is leaning towards the glam side of things for people who like to have that in mind while playing the best online casino games and bingo. Posh Bingo has an excellent Welcome Bonus, a responsive and well-organized site, a wealth of games and everything is available on mobile and tablet so that you can take all the action on the go anywhere you want, any time. 

Quick Overview

Right from the start Posh Bingo advertises its welcome bonuses. There is a 250% bonus for new players which is 250% on your deposit for up to £250 and on a £10 minimum. This welcome note is directed to the ladies out there, as Posh Bingo is dressed as a posh apartment that is the setting for a dress-up before going for a night out. Not that guys can't play Posh Bingo, it's just that the site seems to cater more to the ladies, even though the promotions and bonuses are good for everyone. And also this, if you are just starting Bingo without any previous online Bingo experience, this is the site for you, as it features a step by step guide to all the things you need to know about how to play. 

Posh Design For A Posh Bingo Experience 

The design of Posh Bingo is in deep and dark hues of burgundy, grey, red and orange. It has an intricate color layout and illustrations of posh ladies and their favorite shoes and accessories. It is so nice of them to have a Community page on the website where they share the Weekly Newsletters - all bingo and slots related, that also include news about upcoming games and promotions. The Community page also has a Bingo Lingo tab where those who are new to Bingo may get familiar with all the terminology one would meet during a bingo game on in the chatroom. The Posh Bingo chatrooms are a thing of their own - always fun to be in one because all the fun talk and nice people out there. 

Bingo Games 

Regarding the Bingo games that are available on Posh Bingo, there are the usual games that we all love to play and then there are few more. Posh Bingo features the 75 Ball Bingo challenge with the 25 squared tickets and five by five vertical and horizontal rows that offer an endless combination of winning patterns. 

The 90 Ball Bingo game is another of the classic bingo variations. The first player to daub a winning line pattern is the winner. The second and third spots go to players who complete two-line pattern and the FUll House for three-line win, respectively. The 90 Ball Ticket is the usual three times nine chart with five numbered boxes and four empty ones. 

In both cases the size of the payout is determined by the cost per ticket and how many players have played the game. However, some bingo rooms have their predetermined jackpot so the player who wins the game wins a jackpot with that amount. 

Posh Bingo lets you set up a number of settings that make your game easier and more enjoyable. Setting a Price Alrt lets you hide or make visible the price of your cards inside a bingo room. The Show 3TG option enables the computer to highlight your tickets with one, two or three numbers remaining until Bingo. The Autodaub feature is something which is preferable because it daubs the numbers that you have on your ticket as they are called. At any rate, even if you don't select Autodaub, Posh Bingo will always register and validate your winning combinations! 

Posh Bingo Promotions

As we mentioned above, the first thing that jumps at you upon visiting the site is the 250% on your deposit bonus for up to £250. Not at all a bad way to start your Posh Bingo experience. Then you will eventually discover the New Free & Fab Tab which is FREE Bingo games that last for three days from your signing up. The best thing about this promotion is that you have a chance to win £300 per day without making a deposit! The game hours are 7 AM to 10 PM every day and all the fun is located in the 75 Ball Bingo department. 

The £1000 Monday Catwalk is a promotion for the 90 Ball Bingo starting every Monday at 10:30 PM. This is open to players who have deposited at least once in the previous seven days and has sweet prizes such as £300 for a Full House, £100 for two lines, £250 for 1TG and a lot more. 

The Free Sunday £250 is exclusively for portable devices such as mobile and tablet. You can make £250 from anywhere on Sudan at 9 PM but this is only for players who are keeping a deposit with Posh Bingo. 

Security and Withdrawals 

Posh Bingo uses the latest safety protocols so that your gameplay goes on as smooth and as safe as possible. There are regulations set in place that ensure complete fairness for the players. When it comes to making deposits and withdrawals, Posh Bingo works with all of the best E-wallets and payment options out there, starting with Visa and MasterCard and moving onto EntroPay, PayPal and many more which you can learn about on their Frequently Asked Questions page. 

Posh Bingo Review

As you have the full idea by now, Posh Bingo is one of the best sites for bingo newbies. Once you have become an intermediate or veteran player, you are welcome to continue as the platform works all the same for everyone, it just makes it easier for new players to find their way around. What makes Posh Bingo even more appealing for everyone are the promotions and bonuses. Feel free to use the Welcome Bonus and unlock the doors to many subsequent promotions, free spins, free money and more for unforgettable times with Bingo loves from all over the UK and beyond. 


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