Betfair Bingo Loyalty Points

Betfair Bingo Loyalty Points

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There are some awesome places where you can spend your time and energy at, and today we will be speaking about one of the best online betting companies, Betfair. Betfair Bingo is one of the oldest sites that operate in the online market simultaneously with the ground-based locations all over the UK and some around the world. Betfair was established in June 2000 by Andrew Black and Edward Wray, who together managed to grow a masterpiece and an institution worth checking. Today, the CEO of Betfair is Peter Jackson, while the Chairman is Gary McGann, and since it merged with Paddy Power to create Paddy Power Betfair as one corporation in 2016, things are propelling up through the skies. In this article, we will be speaking a bit about Betfair and more about the Loyalty Points that you can acquire if you play on the Betfair Bingo site. Betfair Bingo Loyalty Points The loyalty points in Betfair are same as the ones all around the internet, so if you are a fan of them, you should just check this table, and everything will be clear. You can exchange these loyalty points for Bingo Bonus funds or Games bonus funds which are used to play the games you desire. You will start acquiring loyalty points from the very first moment you enter the site. Slowly, as you spend more time and play more games on the Betfair Bingo site, you will climb up the levels that you see on the first vertical column on the table below. Each consecutive rank brings you more points in your stake, which means you should choose a certain bingo site and spend your time and money only there. This way, your loyalty points will go through the roof, especially if you reach some of the upper levels. The best thing is that the VIP players earn lots and lots of loyalty points and once you reach the VIP level of the pyramid, you will be there for life, as there is no falling below it. VIP Level How many points do I need to reach each level? How many points do I get when I spend £1? Can I redeem my points for real money Bingo Rookie 0 - you become a Bingo Rookie when you join! 10 No Bingo Regular 500 15 No Bingo Pro 10,000 18 No Bingo Master 30,000 20 No High Striker Invitation Only 20 Yes Please bear in mind that although Betfair Bingo moves you down from your VIP level, we will retrieve your points if have not cashed them in for a period of 90 consecutive days, so make sure you come and see us regularly. *Exchange rate for Bingo bonus funds is £1 (GBP) per 1000 points. If you want to see your loyalty points, redeem them or exchange them, there is a many in the Bingo Lobby, where you will see Loyalty Points just below My Account. Best of luck with the games and the points!


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