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There is no 888 Ladies VIP club, but your loyalty to the 888 Ladies Bingo is not left unrewarded because 888 Ladies Bingo is part of the Joy Gem VIP club. Joy Gem VIP club provides exclusive offers and exceptional benefits to loyal members from a selection of bingo sites. All VIP members at Joy Gem VIP club receive a top-notch service, including a personal account manager to help you with your needs and an array of special promotions and luxury treats.

Joy Gem VIP Levels

The Joy Gem VIP program, which is also used for an 888 Ladies VIP club, provides its members with plenty of rare and sparkling specials. The program comes with four incredible loyalty levels jam-packed with various perks and special offers. Your VIP status is determined according to your level of investment and dedication to the game. Joy Gem includes the following four VIP Levels:


New Sapphire members get a 150% deposit bonus comprised of a 75% Bingo Bonus and a 75% Games Bonus. On top of that, all first-time depositors also receive 5 complimentary tickets to the Power Gem game. As a Sapphire member, you get an access to Joy Gem VIP Rooms across all sites with 4 luxurious rooms available only to VIPs.


New Ruby members get a benefit from an outstanding 200% Welcome Bonus which includes a 100% Bingo Bonus and a 100% Games Bonus. All first-time Ruby members also get 5 complimentary bingo tickets for the Power Gem game. Ruby Members also get access to Joy Gem Bingo Rooms across all sites with 4 luxurious rooms available only to VIPs. As a Ruby member, you also gain access to exclusive promotions and competitions containing lavishing prizes and jackpots.   


All new Diamond members are entitled to a staggering 250% initial deposit bonus which is divided into 125% Bingo Bonus and 125% Games Bonus. New Diamond members also get 8 complimentary tickets to the Power Gem bingo game. All Diamond members get access to the Joy Gem VIP Bingo Rooms across all sites. Diamond VIP members get access to exclusive competitions and promotions including luxury prizes and jackpots that due to their exclusivity can be won by fewer people.

Black Diamond

Finally, all new Black Diamond members get a staggering £25 Games Bonus, £25 Bingo Bonus, 25 Free Spins, and 10 tickets to the Power Gem Bingo game, and all this is for free. After entering a special code upon deposit, they will also receive a 150% bingo bonus to play with. Black Diamond members get exclusive access to numerous promotions and competitions that are not available to normal players. They also have dedicated account managers that provide them with the highest levels of service.

As you can see, although there is no 888 Ladies VIP club, their customers can also get rewarded for their loyalty. Joy Gem VIP Club acts as an 888 Ladies VIP club and awards nice bonuses to players who are loyal to the 888 Ladies bingo brand.


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