Bingo Calls

Bingo is a game that everybody loves, and anyone who has ever played bingo at clubs knows that the most memorable aspects of the game are the bingo calls. If you’ve ever played bingo in the UK, you might have heard the caller calling the winning numbers with some unusual nicknames. You’ve probably heard references to fat ladies and cups of tea, and wonder where these phrases come from and what they mean. One of the most memorable aspects of bingo in the UK are the bingo calls, also known as Bingo Lingo. Some of these phrases are simply rhymes, some are funny stories, while some have a history behind them. Let's find out more about bingo calls.

In the UK, it's very common for bingo callers to use a variety of phrases as substitutes for the actual numbers that were drawn out. It might seem a little weird if you have never heard of them or don't understand their meaning, but it's actually very easy to understand them once you learn what they are.

If you don't know whether it's legs eleven, two fat ladies or two little ducks, make sure to read our Bingo Calls Guide before you start your next game of bingo. The entertainment nature of bingo games is what makes them so popular and interesting. Knowing how to attract players, the bingo callers make the atmosphere fun and lively by saying interesting bingo calls.

We've put together the full list of traditional bingo calls used in the UK, from 1 to 90. Usually, when you play online bingo, you'll notice that not all bingo calls are used and sometimes there are local variations. Some bingo sites even have their own phrases that you won’t find anywhere else. Some are simply rhymes, some have a history behind them, and some are funny stories. These bingo calls are used all over the country and online, so let’s find out more about them!

What are Bingo Calls?

Basically, Bingo Calls are slangs, phrases, nicknames for the bingo numbers used during a bingo game. They are also called Bingo Lingo and originate from the UK but have quickly spread worldwide. The charming bingo callers are calling these names and they ring out in bingo halls, making a more enjoyable and energetic atmosphere.

Even if you’ve been to a bingo game once or twice, you probably remember the numbers and the names that accompany them. Although the bingo sayings aren’t really needed online, it’s very fun to use them and that’s why they’re featured in many bingo sites. These bingo phrases have become as liked as the bingo game itself. When players log in to play bingo online, they’re able to communicate with people worldwide. This connection keeps bingo sayings alive because people still use them in their bingo communications. They even come up with new bingo phrases and compete over who has the most original phrase.

Bingo calls were established in the mid-20th century in London, where people used rhymes to communicate with hidden messages. Let’s take a look at the history of bingo calls.

History of Bingo Calls

Bingo calls were originally invented to keep the game interesting and to draw the attention of the players in the bingo halls. Nowadays, people play more online bingo than land-based bingo in halls, but players still use bingo calls at many online bingo sites. They're fun and even if they're not together, players love to chat with each other and use these interesting phrases to spice up the whole atmosphere.

The origin of the bingo lingo goes back to the mid-20th century when bingo games began to reach their popularity among the players. Many of the bingo calls that were formed then are still used. Bingo phrases were necessary to be formed because it was hard to hear the bingo callers before people started using sound systems. 

Then, bingo halls were full of noises and it was hard hearing what the callers were saying. For that reason, people invented fun bingo calls, so that players won’t mix up the numbers when hearing. In that time, people used rhymes to communicate with hidden messages, so that’s how they come up to use rhymes for bingo numbers as well. Even some of the bingo phrases have a deeper history behind them.

Full List of Bingo Calls

Here’s the complete list of all bingo lingo for each bingo number. How many of these do you know?

1. Kelly's Eye 46. Up to Tricks
2. One Little Duck 47. Four and Seven
3. Cup of Tea 48. Four Dozen
4. Knock at the Door 49. PC
5. Man Alive 50. Half a Century
6. Tom Mix 51. Tweak of the Thumb
7. Lucky 7 52. Danny La Rue
8. Garden Gate 53. Stuck in the Tree
9. Doctors Orders 54. Clean the Floor
10. Theresa's Den 55. Snakes Alive
11. Legs Eleven 56. Was she worth it
12. One Dozen 57. Heinz Varieties
13. Unlucky for Some 58. Make them Wait
14. Valentine's Day 59. Brighton Line
15. Young and Keen 60. Five Dozen
16. Sweet Sixteen 61. Bakers Bun
17. Dancing Queen 62. Turn on the Screw
18. Coming of Age 63. Tickle Me 63
19. Goodbye-Teens 64. Red Raw
20. One Score 65. Old Age Pension
21. Key of the Door 66. Clickety Click
22. Two Little Ducks 67. Made in Heaven
23. Three and Me 68. Saving Grace
24. Two Dozen 69. Either Way Up
25. Duck and Dive 70. Three Score & Ten
26. Pick and Mix 71. Bang on the Drum
27. Gateway to Heaven 72. Six Dozen
28. Over Weight 73. Queen B
29. Rise and Shine 74. Candy Store
30. Dirty Gertie 75. Strive & Strive
31. Get up and Run 76. Trombones
32. Buckle my Shoe 77. Sunset Strip
33. Dirty Knee 78. Heaven's Gate
34. Ask for More 79. One More Time
35. Jump and Jive 80. Eight & Blank
36. Three Dozen 81. Stop & Run
37. More than Eleven 82. Straight On Through
38. Christmas Cake 83. Time for Tea
39. Steps 84. Seven Dozen
40. Naughty Forty 85. Staying Alive
41. Time for Fun 86. Between the Sticks
42. Winnie the Pooh 87. Torquay in Devon
43. Down on your Knees 88. Two Fat Ladies
44. Droopy Drawers 89. Nearly There
45. Halfway There 90. Top of the Shop

Most Popular Bingo Calls

Here’s a guide to the most well-known and loved bingo sayings.

Lucky Seven - 7
Traditionally, seven is considered a lucky number, so that’s why the bingo number 7 is called lucky seven.

Doctor's orders - 9
This phrase refers to the number nine pill, a potent laxative that doctors gave to British soldiers during World War II.

Cameron's Den - 10
This phrase changes each time a new prime minister is elected. The word “Den” is accompanied by the current prime minister. For example, “David’s den,” for David Cameron, “Tony’s den” for Tony Blair and “Maggie’s den” for Margaret Thatcher.

Legs Eleven - 11
This phrase is called “Legs Eleven” because the number 11 looks like a pair of long legs.

Dancing Queen - 17
You probably know this one, it’s based on the hit by Abba called “Dancing Queen”, where Abba sings: “You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only 17.”

Heinz Varieties - 57
Even though the Heinz company sells numerous products, its founder Henry Heinz decided that 57 was his lucky number because they have 57 types of canned beans, and this bingo number is dedicated to him.

Two fat ladies - 88
This phrase is inspired by the number eight that has rounded shape, and in this case, the number 88 refers to two overweight women. Of course, this is not meant as an insult.

Bingo Calls Around The World

It's already clear that most of the bingo calls originate from the UK and are used all around the world. However, there are a couple of bingo calls for particular numbers that originate from the US and players use them on a regular basis. Here are our favourite bingo calls outside the UK:

6 – Tom Mix: A movie star from silent movies;

8 – Harry Tate: A movie star and music hall comedian;

30 – Burlington Bertie: Early 1900s music hall song;

42 – The street in Manhattan: This was named after the 1933 movie called 42nd Street;

45 – Cowboy’s friend: Named after a Colt 45 revolver;

75 – Big Daddy: The highest number in the US Bingo variant.

Other Popular Bingo Lingo Slang

Apart from the bingo calls for each number, players use some other phrases, especially in the world of online bingo. If you want to play bingo online, check these slangs so the next time you’re playing, you are ready to have fun with the other players.

  • AFC - "Away from the computer."
  • Blackout - A game where you must cover all squares on your card to win.
  • BLN - "Better luck next game"
  • Chat Master | CM - The person in charge of moderating the chatrooms on an online bingo site.
  • COI - "Come on in"
  • Free Space - The redundant square in the middle of a 75-ball bingo card.
  • Full House - A full house occurs when all the numbers on one card are marked off.
  • GG - "Got to go"
  • GGA – "Good game all"
  • GL - "Good luck"
  • SYS - "See you soon"

In Conclusion

Bingo wouldn't be what it is without these bingo calls. These bingo phrases are a perfect example of how rich history the bingo has. It may look like a simple game, but these facts here tell otherwise. Even today, when people play bingo online, they still use some of these phrases to make the whole atmosphere more interesting and fun. For that reason, we think that bingo calls will forever be a part of this game and we expect that more and more phrases will come out.

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