XL Media Buys Which Bingo

XL Media Buys Which Bingo
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Things are moving fast, especially if you are at the top of an industry with $32 billion of revenue each year. The competitors are trying hard to get to be better than you or to make you fall downhill with different, legal approaches, and such a move was seen lately by XL Media.

XL Media decided to pursue a casino and obtain it in hopes of acquiring the customer base that the casino already has, to limit the competition and to provide another weapon in their arsenal of powerful casinos. This time, they went for WhichBingo.co.uk and managed to buy it, and how the casino is under their ownership. Which bingo is one of the leading online informational portals and comparison sites for the bingo and slot games in the United Kingdom.

Who are XL Media?

XL Media is one of the largest providers of digital performance marketing companies which uses proprietary tools and methodologies to drive high-value web, social and mobile users for our customers. 
The group is headquartered in Jersey with offices in several locations including Cyprus, Israel, South Korea and the US. 
the XL Media group operates across a number of verticals with specific expertise in online gambling, mobile gaming and financial services where we partner with over 500 gambling & gaming operators, financial service providers, app publishers and more.

In more details, XL Media manages over 2,100 sites where they are operating with and designing in order to attract more customers and drive more traffic on the sites on their clients. XL Media are basically an affiliate company that uses SEO or Search Engine Optimizer as well as deep data analysing on the traffic to come up with the best solution to the clients that have the specific desire for those sites. The income that XL Media are profiting from is generated by revenue share, which means their margins are pretty damn high.

Apart from the large number of online sites that they have, they are also working with an impressive array of affiliate marketing partners who are happy to help them with the similar approach to the customers and obtaining them before sending the same to the websites of their customers or offering the same or similar products on their own sites.

Their breakthrough was in 2008 when Chris Bell, the CEO of XL Media met the other co-founders after leading a 6 years successful campaign with XLM, an affiliate company. The next six years were 184% in profit, making sure they are here to stay and make a difference in the business.

Their latest move of buying WhichBingo.co.uk just proves a point and determines the direction in which they are going.

Which Bingo

Let’s take a look from a different angle now and see what Which Bingo offers to XL Media after the purchase.

Which Bingo is actually two years older than XL Media. The company was established in 2000 and in almost two decades they have managed to reach to the title “UK’s Leading Independent Online Bingo Reviews Website”, a title which they will lose now as they are no longer independent.

The Bingo Site gives a nice inside of all the bingo sites they have reviewed, and they have reviewed a lot! There are over 420 bingo sites ready at their online page that you can visit and get every possible information about the bingo site.

All the reviews are not that good as most of the similar online sites do. There is a real feedback and a place for the players to lave their own experience, which, supported by the in-house reviews that are top class.

What is pretty good in Which Bingo is that the players have the perfect opportunity to rate the bingo sites, write the positive and negative feedback, pros and cons about the casino that are clearly visible as soon as you enter the review, and give the clear image of the casino, making your decision whether it’s worth to spend your time and money on it. That’s why XL Media went after Which Bingo, as their experience and the site they’ve to build in these nearly two decades made them the best in what they do.

Which Bingo also offers exclusive new deals that are regularly updated and apart from the reviews, if you decide to join them you will be the first to know if any deal comes live via their e-mails.

Which Bingo Site

Which Bingo has some of the most unique user interfaces that the players are happy about. As soon as you enter their page, you will see that they have everything under order and you can basically find whatever you are looking for within the home page.

Starting with the top of the page where you can join the guys from Which Bingo and everyone that are already members there for exclusive emails, bonuses and promotions, to the bottom of the page where you have everything about the site explained.

There are few big banners positioned on the home screen, rotating and making the site look colourful over the white background.

There are several categories of sites that you can look at, and you can select them right in the middle of the home screen. Here we can place New Sites, No Deposit sites, Latest Offers, Top 10 sites, which gets the most attention and the most care by Which Bingo, followed by A-Z dictionary and Software Type.  

Scroll a bit below to see the best casinos that have the most rating according to the customer reviews, and go even further for the top bingo, top slot and top casino in the last week, also according to the customers.

According to us, XL Media made a really good choice acquiring Which Bingo, and their arsenal is now richer with one more powerful weapon, which hopefully they can use it in the right way. All we need to do is sit back and enjoy the show. 


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