Wish Upon A Jackpot Big Win

Wish Upon A Jackpot Big Win

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Wish Upon a Jackpot is game with an enticing gameplay, great graphics and amusing bonus features. These are the main reasons why Wish Upon a Jackpot is so popular and played at a range of online slots and bingo sites. If you want to familiarise yourself with this game, its story and all its settings and features, including the bonus games, check our Wish Upon a Jackpot slot review.
Players are always curious and eager to know what is the maximum amount of money that they can win on a game. Even though it is not easy to hit the highest possible payout on a game and that doesn’t happen too often, players are always hoping that they might be the one who hits the main jackpot. There have been quite a few players who managed to hit a Wish Upon a Jackpot big win, and even though the amount isn’t as high as the jackpot that you could hit on other games, there are still a lot of money to be won.

Aim Big, But Watch Your Limit

The maximum amount that you could win, the Wish Upon a Jackpot big win, depends on the amount that you will wager. If you play with a higher stake you can win a higher prize. Beware though, don’t go chasing high wins if you don’t have a lot of money into your bankroll, because you might not be able to sustain wagering at that level.
On the other hand, if you lower your wager after previously playing at a higher stake level, you may end up winning only a small amount of money after previously making quite significant wagers. You must be in a position to control your stake and now how much you can afford to wager per spin, if you don’t want things to go sour.

Wish Upon A Jackpot Big Win

Wish Upon a Jackpot features 20 payline and the game can be played with a minimum of one penny per payline. If you’re playing with the minimum stake amount the prizes you can win are also the minimum amounts. For instance, the highest amount that you could win in the main game if you’re playing with a penny per payline is £5, whereas if you increase your wager to 10p the maximum prize would be £50.
The maximum prize that you can place on a spin in Wish Upon a Jackpot is £500 which means that the stake per payline would be £25. In this case the maximum amount that you could win is £12,500 and this is the Wish Upon a Jackpot big win. You can’t win a higher amount of money in the main game, but bear in mind that in order to win this prize you would have to wager a total of £500, which is quite a lot of money.
If you manage to activate one of the bonus games, you’re in for some pretty massive awards and in many cases, you could win a lot more in the bonus game compared to the main game.


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