Reel King Demo

Reel King Demo

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There are plenty of new online slots with amazing graphics, advanced features, animations, impeccable sound effects and more, but some players simply prefer classics, or so to say, slots with a more retro feel and more basic features. Slot developers have learnt that if they stick to the basics, the game will always have its faithful audience, and that was exactly the case with Reel King, a retro game by Novomatic. If you are a fan of retro slots, have a look at our Reel King review and if you like to get directly familiarised with this game without taking a bit of risk, you can try out Reel King demo and learn how to play the game before making a real cash wager.

Reel King Game Features

Reel King is based on a fruit machine of the same name which can be seen at a number of pubs throughout the UK, and plenty of land-based casinos. The Reel King demo, although based on the online version of the Reel King slot, still resembles the land-based variant of this Novomatic slot.

The grid is more similar to that of modern video slots as it features five reels and three rows. The symbols, on the other hand, are quite retro. You will see classic card symbols, cherries, plums. However, there are wild and jackpot symbols, and anybody who has played retro games knows that most of them don’t feature a wild nor a scatter.

There are 20 paylines in this game and if you play the real money version and not the Reel King demo, you will be able to play it with just 20p, since the minimum wager per payline is only one penny.

Reel King Demo Features

One might feel that a demo version of any game, in this case the Reel King demo, is somehow inferior to the real money game. While one of the key features is different, namely you can’t win any cash in a demo version, but that doesn’t mean that playing the Reel King demo doesn’t have its benefits.

Firstly, in the demo version you will have access to all the options and features that are otherwise available in the standard, cash version of the game. Unlike video game demo versions, where you usually only get a glimpse of the actual gameplay, here you can win jackpots, activate the bonus mode, and everything else that is otherwise available.

Needless to say, you will be winning virtual money and not actual cash. Then again, if you’re losing, you won’t be losing actual money. In the Reel King demo, you will be awarded a sum of virtual funds that you can use to play the game which gives you a perfect insight into how the game works and how much you can afford to wager when you decide to finally play the game in real money mode.

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