Centurion RTP

Centurion RTP

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Centurion Slot Overview 

Enter a Roman legion to become a centurion - a mighty warrior who is part of the quest to conquer the known world during the reign of one of the biggest empires known to mankind. Rome both destroyed and created, and had left a legacy contained in the culture, language, arts and material artifacts. The game’s motto is MAXIMUS WINNUS and that is exactly what this game is all about. Gambling was part of ancient Rome. While they did not have slots like we do today, they did shoot dice, but we can't imagine that being as much fun as spinning the reels. Centurion slots brings that enjoyment to any player as this game can be played online on your computer or on to go, on your mobile or tablet. 

Design and Features

The Centurion slot has five reels and 20 paylines. The symbols of this game are part of the Roman centurion's war paraphenalia  among other Ancient Rome-themed symbols such as the Colosseum. The design of this game resonates with those exciting times and the colors are brown and red - which are somehow associated with the Roman empire. The Cenrution slot can be both a high and low stakes game at the same time. The coin size, and therefore the total bet, can be optimized according to the player's budget and style of play. These can be changed as the game progresses. 

The minimum bet is 20p and the maximum £250 which is obtained by betting as little as 1p or as much as  £22.50 per line. The paylines are fixed which means playing with these values will be crucial in how you extend your play. At any rate, the Return to Player percentage of 95.00% is one of the Centurion slot features that ensures that you can get a good chance at scoring the big winnings at an extended play or simply chance upon a sudden jackpot. 

Centurion RTP

RTP stands for Return to Player, as some players may know. This is not something crucial to know regarding a slot machine, as far as the theoretical elements go. However, simply knowing the RTP of a game may help you to choose or lose your digital slot. This one has a quite good Centurion RTP of 95.00% which is borderline when we consider the frequency of changes for a win. Most games have an RTP lower than this. Even though it doesn't mean that the winnings are infrequent, a good RTP means that you stand a better chance at chancing upon a winning combination that generates a massive win, such as the 500x times your bet when you land five of the Centurion slot logo. With the help of a Wild card this is more than possible. 

Conclusions for Centurion

This is one of the most exciting slots machines found in online casinos. Most good casinos try their best to have this game as part of the offer, but not too many succeed. We have ensured that we can lead you to those bingo sites with Centurion or casino sites with Centurion so that you can see what it is all about. With Centurion bonus spins and a good Centurion RTP, this game should be played if not for the jackpot, then for the chance encounter with four high-paying symbols plus a wild card. Check out the game's full review at Bingo Scanner. 

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