Centurion Big Winners

Centurion Big Winners

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Centurions were very important and played a vital role in the preservation and the expansion of the Roman Empire, so the slot developers at Inspired decided to honour all centurions by creating the Centurion slot, with the subheading Maximus Winnus. And there have been quite a few Centurion big winners. And considering that the maximum in-game jackpot in Centurion slots is £250,000 it is in no way surprising that this game enjoys a great degree of popularity. If you want to know more about this great game and all its features, check our Centurion slot review.

Increase Your Stake If You Want To Win Big

If you want to be included in the list of Centurion big winners you should consider raising your stakes, perhaps even going with a £250 wager. Just bear in mind that this is a high risk-high gain strategy, so make sure that you have a bankroll that can support your style of play.

You will definitely need all the help you can get in the attempt to become one of the Centurion big winners, and the bonus symbols are your biggest ally here. The bonus games are where you can win some pretty hefty prizes, so the more often you manage to trigger a bonus game, all the better for you. However, as you know, the bonus features are triggered based on the combination of symbols that appear on the reels, so there’s not much you can actually do about that. The good thing is that there are plenty of bonus features, so you’re bound to activate at least a few of them.

Free Spins Can Create Centurion Big Winners

Getting at least three Centurion symbols regardless of their actual location on the reels will bring about the bonus wheel and the wheel then spins to determine what bonus feature you’ll get to play. There are four possible options.

With the Prizes on Parade feature will cause the appearance of three centurions and they can bring some pretty serious prizes, at least until the arrow lands on correct, that’s when the feature ends.

In the Caesar’s Free Spins feature you can get a number of free spins where your winnings are multiplied by a random number. Two wheels spin to determine the number of bonus games and the win multiplier that’ll be applied.

In the Road to Rome feature you get to roll dice to see whether your centurion can get to Rome. If you manage to lead him to the capital, and remember that all roads lead to Rome, you will almost certainly become one of the Centurion big winners. And finally, you may also land the Wild Power Spins and even though this feature includes only three spins, during them whole reels will be wild which can generate major wins.

Modifiers And Massive Wins

In addition, with the reel modifiers, you may also hit some massive prizes. For example, the Five of a Kind modifier guarantees that you will get a win with five symbols across a payline, as these wins are 200+ coins, even as much as 500, so if you play with a higher stake that can be a significant amount of money.


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