Wink Bingo Promo

Wink Bingo Promo

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An extremely friendly and popular bingo site is hiding under the name of Wink Bingo. This bingo site offers a plethora of instant, table and slot games, outstanding jackpots and welcome bonuses for all the new players that will make you want to play on their site.

Wink Bingo opens the doors to a new experience, and a site like you’ve never seen before.

Give the guys from Wink Bingo a Wink to let them know you are in the site and playing, so that they can prepare some outstanding surprise for you.

Stick around, as in this article we will talk a bit about Wink Bingo, and more about the promotions so that you can learn what you are eligible for when you play on their site.


Wink Bingo

Established back in 2008, Wink Bingo offers a fantastic site with plenty of experience under the guys’ belts. With more than 1 million players already playing some game on their site, Wink Bingo, as one of the oldest online casinos, is a work of art.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the most out of the game with lots of table and slot games, scratch cards and more instant games.

The variety is one of the main features of Wink Bingo. This is the place where you will find the English 90-Ball Bingo, the American 75-Ball Bingo, the Swedish 5-Ball Bingo, slot games, casino games or instant games, all on the pages of Wink Bingo. To get the most out of the Wink Bingo, you need to deposit at least 10 pounds, more than the 250% bonus you earn, you will able to spin the wheel having the chance to win a guaranteed prize from 15 to 1000 pounds.


Wink Bingo Promotions

As with all the online casinos, so does Wink Bingo offers a welcome bonus that is outstanding and acceptable by all players. You can win up to £900 with the welcome bonus only.

There are other promotions whose number exceeds 20 at the same time on Wink Bingo, not found on any other site, where you can see up to five promotions at the same time.

Here you have promotions from a Million’s Reward, to Wink Rewards, Wink’s Wheel of fortune that you can spin with a code.

The Sweet Dreams bonus played before bedtime and the Have a Ball bonus for all the progressive jackpot slots.

The most interesting and innovative thing is that at Wink Bingo there is a Shopping bonus, where you are becoming eligible for the bonus on a daily basis with just logging in. There is a chance for a shopping bonus that you can use only in the stores that Wink Bingo has a partnership with, but the list of them is endless – check their site for more about the bonus, or start playing today and win some awesome prizes. 


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