Posh Bingo Loyalty Points

Posh Bingo Loyalty Points

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Any bingo site that rewards you with nice bonuses for your loyalty as a player is worth checking out. These bonus points can be awarded for various actions that you make on the site and can be exchanged for real money in your account or used together with some other promotion or bonuses. Posh Bingo is one of those bingo sites where you can get loyalty points for many actions that you make when playing at their site. To find out all about Posh Bingo loyalty programme and how you can make the best of it, read on!  

Posh Bingo Loyalty Points

Posh Bingo offers rewarding promotions for its loyal players in the form of points called Posh Bingo Loyalty Points. These Bingo Points are awarded through promotions, the purchase of bingo cards, bingo chat rooms or by playing on IG and are considered bingo bonuses. These loyalty points can then be cashed in for money or used for something else that may be offered at Posh Bingo.

You can be rewarded Posh Bingo Loyalty Points for many of your actions such as playing games, referring a friend and more. You can convert these points into money in your Posh Bingo account or exchange them for some other specials that Posh Bingo offers from time to time.

Purchasing Bingo Cards

Posh Bingo Points are awarded for every bingo card that you purchase. Thus, for every 10p bingo card that you purchase at Posh Bingo you are awarded 1 Posh Bingo Loyalty Point. But not all bingo card purchases are eligible for Loyalty Points. Only bingo card purchases with real money from your bankroll will be eligible for the Loyalty Points.

Referring Friends

Another easy way to earn Posh Bingo Loyalty Points is to refer a friend to Posh Bingo. When you refer a friend to their bingo site, Posh Bingo will award you with excellent 20,000 Posh Bingo Loyalty points which you can either exchange for cash or use them for some other special offered by the site. This can turn out to be a very rewarding feature of Posh Bingo if you have a lot of friends which you can refer to Posh Bingo. So, start referring your friends to Posh Bingo and get ready for plenty of Loyalty Points heading your way!

Exchanging Loyalty Points

As mentioned in the sections above, you are given the possibility to either exchange your Bingo Points for cash or use them for some other specials offered by the site from time to time. If you decide to redeem your Loyalty Points for bonus funds, you can do that via the ‘My Account’ page at Posh Bingo. For each 1,000 Posh Bingo loyalty points that you decide to redeem, you will get £1 which will be added to your account.

To conclude, besides excellent games and offers, Posh Bingo goes a step further and rewards you with  loyalty points which are an easy way of getting more money for your bingo games.



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